Wow! We admire your decision to “sleep rough” for one cold wintry night and we would love to have you join us on our journey towards tackling homelessness.

Although registrations for this year’s Lifewise Big Sleepout are now closed, please contact us to sign up for #BSO2020.
Homelessness in Auckland can become history. This is why the ultimate aim of the Lifewise Big Sleepout is to not only support people out of homelessness and off the streets but also prevent homelessness. 
At Lifewise we are not interested in using short-term responses to an issue that demands a committed, innovative, and long-term response. We believe that Aucklanders deserve more than that. 
As a result of the commitment of Lifewise Big Sleepout “rough sleepers”, Lifewise is able to provide access to housing and support services such as mental health services, drug and alcohol services, education and training, reconnecting with family and whanau and other services of social importance. All the while making sure that, in the interim, immediate needs such as access to food, are met. 
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