Tips and Resources

The prospect of sleeping rough in the middle of winter can seem daunting. Lifewise Big Sleepout Rough Sleepers from previous years have learnt a thing or two about what it takes. And they're often happy to share their hard-earned wisdom with you. 

Every week until the night of the Lifewise Big Sleepout, we will send you some suggestions on what to pack for the night. If you have any other concerns or would like to nominate an influential Kiwi such as yourself who can sleep rough and fundraise with you, please email

Need some inspiration?

We know it can feel a bit embarrassing asking for support, but you’ll soon find most people want and intend to support you! Like you though, they’re busy. Keep sharing Lifewise videos, put it on the noticeboard, shout it from the rooftops, host a morning tea at your office (we can visit and support you, too!) and watch those donations and messages of support pour in. 


We want to make fundraising really easy for you, so here are some messages you can copy-paste into your social media posts or emails. Just remember to include the link to your fundraising page too! You can also search your email inbox for “Big Sleepout” for more inspiration.

The last Big Sleepout focused on youth housing, an initiative so successful that since then, Oranga Tamariki - Ministry for Children have decided to include a supporter to work alongside young people through that difficult transition from 16 to 25 years old. The transitional support service is just another example of an initiative by Lifewise, powered by the Big Sleepout that is now receiving support from the government. Help me create positive change like this by donating to my page today! 

DID YOU KNOW: More than 800 people in Auckland are living without shelter? Your donation could provide support and housing to them. Click the ‘Give Now’ or ‘Donate’ button today.

DID YOU KNOW: Central Auckland has the largest number of people living without shelter. Your donation could provide support to them via Merge Cafe, offering warm nutritious food as well as the right connections to find housing. Click the ‘Give Now’ or ‘Donate’ button today.  

Lifewise doesn’t just work with people who experience chronic homelessness. Lifewise also works to address elderly isolation, broken homes and foster care, addiction and youth homelessness, all connected to the growing number of people finding themselves on the street. The Lifewise Big Sleepout helps support this work. Click the ‘Give now’ or ‘Donate’ button today.